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The site is a B-17 crash site.


Marishader- Portree IV51 9JU, UK , IV51 9JU, UK , Marishader- Portree , Highland , Scotland , UK

The site is in a remote location off-road and trail. The site is in the north-east of the Isle of Skye, in the Scottish Highlands near the hamlet of Staffin (Stenscoll Township). It is world-renowned for its scenery and very close the often-visited scenic landmark of Kilt Rock. The site is just below the 611m summit of Beinn Edra located to the east of the steep Trotternish ridge. The site can be approached from the village of Marishader near Staffin, across bleak and boggy moorland with no landmarks. No approaches to the remote site are particularly easy. The wreckage site still remains (and is protected) across 300-400 meters of land below the Beinn Edra peak. The address of this site is a potential starting point about 3 miles from the crash. Ask locally for assistance to find the site.

Map reference (click on pin to see Lat/Long):

57.5880 -6.2526 Marishader- Portree IV51 9JU, UK

Flag Poles :