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Buna (Papua New Guinea)

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The site includes two memorials: a marker placed by the American Legion to remember a difficult battle fought in this location in December 1942 during the Papua Campaign and a plaque remembering the 32nd Infantry Division fight to take Buna in 1943.


Buna, Oro Province Papua New Guinea , , Buna , , , Papua New Guinea

The site is located on the southern boundary of the small, remote village of Buna. Buna is a located on the northeastern coast of Papua New Guinea and is in Oro Province, Papua New Guinea. It was the site in part, of the Battle of Buna–Gona during World War II, when it constituted a variety of native huts and a handful of houses with an airstrip. Buna was the trailhead to the Kokoda Track leading to Kokoda. Buna was destroyed during the battle. Only the concrete foundation of the government station remains today. Slightly inland, are some huts and a Medical Center and memorials. The site is remote.

Map reference (click on pin to see Lat/Long):

-8.675574 148.414700 Buna, Oro Province Papua New Guinea

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