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Lama di Reno

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The site includes one memorial remembering the crash of a B-26 Bomber; an iconic photo of this crippled airplane was taken just before it crashed.


Via Fa Ję 40043 Lama di Reno, Marzabotto BO, Italy , 40043 , Marzabotto , Bologna , Emilia-Romagna , Italy

The site is located in a wooded area off-road and is difficult to find. Located in the Comune of Marzabotta in the Frazione of Lama di Reno, just west of the Reno River. The site is several hundred yards from the road, about 1 kilometer from Lama; 4 kilometers north of Marzabotta and 8 kilometrs south of Sasso Marconi in the Province of Bologna. . Special thanks to Collezione Storica “ Quadri – Venturi “ of Quadri Gabriella e Venturi Pierpaolo and for use of photos from their historic collection (Collezione Storica) , and to Romagna Air Finders Historical Association.

Map reference (click on pin to see Lat/Long):

44.363258 11.223520 Via Fa Ję 40043 Lama di Reno, Marzabotto BO, Italy

Flag Poles :