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Bassingbourn Barracks

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The barracks contains several memorials to the 91st Bombardment Group.


A1198/Old North Road , SG8 5LX , Bassingbourn , Cambridgeshire , England , UK

The main entrance gate to the barracks is on the west side along the A1198 road near the road intersection with Whaddon Gap. It could also be accessed by taking the north road of A1198 and The Causeway intersection at Kneesworth. Kneesworth is on the eastern side of Bassingbourn. The distance from Bassingbourn village center to the barracks is approximately 3km northeast. Permission from the gate guard needs to be obtained to visit this.

Map reference (click on pin to see Lat/Long):

52.092842 -0.043836 A1198/Old North Road

Flag Poles :