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The site, a French National Cemetery, with over 14,000 graves and over 6,000 in ossuaries, includes two Isolated Burials (ISOBs) of Americans killed while serving in the French Foreign Legion during World War 1.


D32 & D944 -Necropole Nationale de Cormicy , 51220 , Cormicy , 51-Marne , Grant Est , France

The site is located in the National French Cemetery of Cormicy (Necropole Nationale de Cormicy) also known as the Cimetière National de la "Maison Bleue". The cemetery is located in the town of Cormicy which located in the Department of the Marne in North East France. The site is just off the intersection of the D32 and D944 highways.

Map reference (click on pin to see Lat/Long):

49.37448 3.91915 D32 & D944 -Necropole Nationale de Cormicy

Flag Poles :