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Espiritu Santo Island- Unity Park

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The site includes two memorials: a monument remembering an Army Officer who died while rescuing soldiers form the sinking of the SS President Coolidge in 1942; and a museum dedicated to World War 2 in the South Pacific.


Main Str , , Luganville , , , Vanuata (Republic of Vanuatu)

The site is located in Unity Park on the Island of Espiritu Santo in the town of Luganville in the Republic of Vanuatu. Vanuata is an island country located in the South Pacific. The site is located on the southeastern side of the island near the airport. During WWII these islands were know as the New Hebrides.

Map reference (click on pin to see Lat/Long):

-15.515317 167.174158 Main Str

Flag Poles :