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Chenedouit Church

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The site contains a plaque commemorating the American pilot, 1Lt Gese of the 77th Fighter Squadron.


D878/L’Être Bernier , 61210 , Putanges-le-Lac , 61-Orne , Normandy , France

The village of Chênedouit is located over 9km west of Putanges-le-Lac center. The memorial site is a roadside along D878, about 100 meters, overlooking the Église Sainte Trinité de Chênedouit. If coming from the village hall, the site is about 150 meters to the north. Chênedouit was a former commune that was merged into the new commune of Putanges-le-Lac.

Map reference (click on pin to see Lat/Long):

48.760762 -0.341751 D878/L’Être Bernier

Flag Poles :