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Bout-du-Pont-de-Larn (Pont du Gauthard)

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The site includes one memorial remembering the destruction of the bridge by the OSS During WW2 in 1944 just before Operation Dragoon.


Chem. de Gauthard (Mazamet) , 81660 , Bout-du-Pont-de-Larn , 81-Tarne , Occitanie , France

The site is located on the west back of the Pond du Gauthard on the Thoré River in Bout-du-Pont-de-Larn, France. The bridge is now a bike trail and runs parole to route D612 (Rte de Toulouse Ŕ Agde and is behind an industrial park. The site is located at river level on the bridge span adjacent to the town of Mazamet.

Map reference (click on pin to see Lat/Long):

43.495388 2.400334 Chem. de Gauthard (Mazamet)

Flag Poles :