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Cebu Veteran's Cemetery

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The plot for this small veterans' cemetery was donated in 1903 by the archbishop of Cebu, Thomas Augustine Hendrick. The cemetery was intended for the burial of Catholic-faith US veterans of the Spanish-American and Philippine-American/Moro Wars, their spouses, and immediate children, as well as American citizen-veterans of the Philippine Constabulary who served alongside and with the U.S. Army in some conformity to National Cemetery standards. The American Foreign War Veterans' cemetery section appears to have been donated for their exclusive use upon the petition of a local American foreign war veterans group, predecessors to what we now know as the VFW.


315 Katipunan St. , , Cebu City , , , Philippines

A small cemetery located adjacent to the larger municipal cemetery.

Map reference (click on pin to see Lat/Long):

10.300519 123.882161 315 Katipunan St.

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