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505th Parachute Infantry Regiment Monument

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This monument is located immediately south of the street "Devant le Bois," approximately 300 meters to the east of a large farm complex with several barns. Monument This monument is a large dark gray field stone with a smooth base. The monument rests on a gravel base that is in the shape of a star and also serves as a small flower garden. The top half of the monument features the insignia of the 82nd Airborne Division and the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment as well as a representation of the Airborne Parachutist Badge above the unit number "505." The bottom half of the monument features an inscription commemorating the sacrifice of American soldiers during the combat in Arbrefontaine. Lastly, there is a small gray granite plaque that rests immediately in front of the large field stone with the names of the soldiers who were killed during the fighting in the surrounding area of "Devant le Bois." 

Monument Text:

"N oublions jamais
le sacrifice des jeunes
soldats Americains 
tombés pour notre

Combats d'Arbrefontaine 3 au 6 Janvier 1945"

"Tues Au Combat Devant Le Bois - Arbrefontaine

David   Berardi
Orlando   Narducci   medic
Robert   Beckman
Vernon   Francisco   sgt
John   Hamula   1er Lt
Charles Krka   pfc
Howard   Krueger   sgt
Philip   Lynch   sgt
Harold   Martz   pfc
Walter   Olson
Bonnie   Wright   s/sgt"

English Translation:

"Let Us Never Forget
The Sacrifice Of The 
 Young Americans Soldiers
Who Died For Our Freedom

The Battle for Arbrefontaine January 3-6, 1945"

"Killed In Combat At Devant le Bois - Arbrefontaine

David   Berardi
Orlando   Narducci   Medic
Robert   Beckman
Vernon   Francisco   Sgt
John   Hamula   1st Lt
Charles Krka   Pfc
Howard   Krueger   Sgt
Philip   Lynch   Sgt
Harold   Martz   Pfc
Walter   Olson
Bonnie   Wright   S/Sgt"



Robert George "Sleep" Beckman

David "Dave" V. Berardi

Vernon LeRoy Francisco

John Hamula

Charles J. Krka

Howard R. Krueger

Philip M. Lynch

Harold L. Martz

Orlando J. Narducci

Walter P. Olson

Bonnie G. Wright


505th Parachute Infantry Regiment

82nd Airborne Division

United States Army




Battle of the Bulge

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