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The museum’s entrance door is located on the south side of the Colonnade.

The museum showcases a huge collection of paintings and photographs of the Philippine heroes and events during the Second world war and also it features a collection of armaments used by the Filipino, American, and Japanese forces during the Battle of Bataan. Upon entering the museum, which is the upper floor and a small room, you will see a lot of portraits, both of American and Filipino leaders, hanging around the walls of the room. Some armaments could also be seen here. In the center of the room is the stair to the underground museum. The underground museum is where the huge collections of photographs (as well as their stories) and armaments are contained. One of the most interesting highlights of the war museum is the huge diorama of Bataan depicting the events during the Second World War. The blue led lights on there indicate the allied forces (Philippines and America) while the red ones are the Japanese Forces.

Monument Text:




Bernard Lawrence Anderson Anderson

Donald Dunwody  Blackburn

Wendell Welby Fertig

Robert Blair  Lapham

Vicente Lim

Edwin Price Ramsey

Hugh Straughn

Russell William  Volckmann


Filipino Guerillas

Filipino- American Irregular Troops

Philippine Army

Philippine Scouts

United States Army

United States Army Forces in the Far East (USAFFE)

United States Marine Corps

United States Navy

US Army Air Corps





Pacific Theater

Philippines Campaign (1941–1942)

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