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LTC Frank W. Lynn Cenotaph

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A large rectangular concrete stone monument, serving as the cenotaph of LTC Frank W. Lynn. The memorial is written in Chinese and English and has the flags of China, the United States, and the flag of the U.S. Army Advisory Group in China.


This site was originally the site of the monument to Lt. Col. Mendendorp in 1981 at the suggestion of the National Militia Association (NMA) of the Republic of China (ROC). On December 6, 2011, the Kinmen Defense Command erected an additional monument to commemorate Lieutenant Colonel Lynn, an advisory officer of the US military who died in the 93rd Artillery Battle of the Republic of China, in honor of his contributions and history in defending freedom in Kinmen. More importantly, it is to show the friendship between China and the United States. 


According to Liu Yuchang's memories, two American advisors were killed in the line of duty. At that time, the U.S. personnel in Kinmen consisted of the U.S. Military Advisory Group and the Western Company. The former was the official Military Advisory Group. The latter's mission was secretive. It was mainly responsible for raiding the mainland coast. The 93rd Artillery Battle took place in the 43rd year of the Republic of China. It was the first large-scale exchange of artillery fire between the Communists and the Chinese. Before that, it was only sporadic and small-scale... The September 30th Gun War shook the world. The world's major media outlets applied to cover the event in Kinmen. At that time, the gunfight was limited to the coastal area. Especially the Shuitou Pier, where many warships were parked. It became an important target for the Communists. According to the memoirs of the then Commander Liu Yuchang - 50 Years of Warriors - the 93rd Battery Battle, Shuitou was the place where supplies were unloaded. Therefore, firepower was concentrated in this neighborhood. It was also because of the 93rd Battery that the importance of fortification was realized. It laid a solid foundation for the 823rd Battle.

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Monument Text:

The inscription is in Chinese and English: The Republic of China sincerely expresses its sincere gratitude to an American friend who defended freedom and democracy with his life│ Lieutenant Colonel Lynn. He volunteered to serve in China as an adviser to the US military advisory group stationed in Kinmen, and died in the line of duty to maintain peace and justice in the "93 Artillery Battle" in the 43rd year of the Republic of China. On behalf of all the people, the government awarded the Yunlu Medal in recognition of his righteous deeds, and the special monument is now forever remembered.



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