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New York City AEF Tablet

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On the third floor of Pershing Hall immediately to the right of the elevator in an alcove. Plaque A large bronze tablet honor the sacrifices of citizens from the City of New York who fought and died with the AEF in WWI.  It also lists both Army and Navy Medal of Honor winners.

Monument Text:

This tablet is erected by Colonel Michael Friedsam A citizen of the city of New York.  In honor of her two hundred and twenty eight thousand sons who served in the American Expeditionary Forces and in perpetual remembrance of the eight thousand one hundred and forty two who gave their lives for their country.

Can, Tedford Harris
Janson, Ernest August

Bart, Frank J.
Call, Donald M.
Colyer, Wilbur E.
Kaufman, Benjamin
Kocak, Matej
McMurtry, George G.
O'Neill, Richard W.
O'Shea, Thomas E.
Waaler, Reidar
Wickersham, J. Hunter

"That Liberty Shall Not Perish From The Earth"



Frank J. Bart

Donald M. Call

Tedford Harris Cann

Wilbur E. Colyer

Ernest August Janson

Benjamin Kaufman

Matej Kocak

George G. McMurtry

Richard W. O'Neill

Thomas Eugene O'Shea

Reidar Waaler

John Hunter Wickersham


105th Machine Gun Battalion, 27th Division

165th Infantry Regiment, 42nd Division

1st Combat Engineer Battalion, 1st Marine Division

1st Marine Division

27th Infantry Division

2nd Infantry Division

308th Infantry, 77th Division

334th Battalion, Tank Corps.

353rd Infantry Regiment, 89th Division

42nd (Rainbow) Division

42nd Infantry Division

5th Marine Regiment

77th Infantry Division

89th Infantry Division

9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Division

American Expeditionary Forces (AEF)

U.S.S. May

United States Marine Corps

United States Naval Reserve



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