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Common Grave: Grey, Mears, Bartho

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In the western corner of the cemetery, up against the bushes. Isolated Burial The grave is made of concrete. On the headstone, there is a a grey granite plaque with a carving of the the bomber of the three men buried here. 

This burial site is a common grave containing the remains of 2LT Grey, SGT Mears, and SGT Bartho. The plaque on the grave commemorates these men's units, gives their basic information and tells the story of how these men's remains were taken from the crash site and brought to this cemetery. 

There is a memorial in Buire-Courcelles, near Tincourt-Boucly, with a plaque on it that resembles the plaque on this grave stone. That memorial stands at the actual crash site of these men's aircraft and recounts the story of their aircraft's crash on November 10, 1944. 

Monument Text:

36th Bombardment Squadron (H) (RCM)
8th Air Force, United States Of America
Attached: 100th Group, Royal Air Force
Stationed: Cheddington, England

2nd Lieutenant Frederick Gustave Grey, O-717204, United States Army Air Force
Navigator, Sioux Rapids, Iowa, born 13, October, 1923, Died 10 November, 1944
2nd Grave, Lone Tree Cemetery, Sioux Rapids, Iowa
Sergeant Raymond G. Mears, 33556665, United States Army Air Force
Waist Gunner, Hagerstown, Maryland, Born 4 April, 1919, Died 10 November, 1944
2nd Grave Rest Haven Cemetery, Hagerstown, Maryland
Sergeant Frank Anthony Bartho, 36515334, United States Army Air Force
Nose Turret Gunner, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, Born 20 September, 1908, Died 10 November, 1944
2nd Grave, Henri-Chapelle United States Military Cemetery, Fosse, Belgium, Plot H, Row 10, Grave 16

Early in the morning of 10 November, 1944, these men were aboard the above bomber that crashed at Tincourt-Boucly. This common grave contains most of these men's remains recovered from the crash site with the help of the French, and later hidden by the Americans. This grave was created by the Cartigny Priest, CURE Etienne Serpette on 23 November, 1944, When, with the approval of the Elders of Cartigny, he recovered the hidden remains and transferred them to this sacred earth. Emile Beiger later restored the grave, now maintained by the Le Souvenir Francais.
The families of these men will always remember the people of Cartigny for honoring their fallen sons and granting them a place of honored Remembrance and Souvenir among their own.



Frank Anthony Bartho

Frederick Gustave Grey

Raymond G.  Mears


36th Bomb Squadron, 482nd Bomb Group, Heavy

8th Air Force

United States Air Force



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