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Brieulles-sur-Meuse Roadside

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The site is a small grassy area located between D123 and a set of train tracks. There is a small residence on the eastern side of the tracks. The site is home to a memorial left by the 5th U.S. Infantry Division.


D123 , 55110 , Brieulles-sur-Meuse , 55-Meuse , Grant Est , France

The site is located 2.2 kilometers southeast of the center of town on the northeast side of D123. As another point of reference, the site is located south of the Meuse River. The picture is oriented to the east, facing away from Brieulles-sur-Meuse.

Map reference (click on pin to see Lat/Long):

49.327000 5.204333 D123

Flag Poles :