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San Vittore del Lazio

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Site is a metal marker in a rocky field uphill from the park.


San Vittore del Lazio (City Center- closest address) , San Vittore del Lazio , Frosinone , Lazio , Italy

This site is very difficult to find; contact the Winter Line Museum in Venafro for assistance. San Vittore del Lazio is just off the Autostrada A1 between Rome and Naples. Exit San Vittore. Follow Road to San Vittore and then through San Vittore follow narrow road to Radicosa (on Via Canala). Total distance from the center of San Vittore to the site is 8 kilometers. After about 4 kilometers on Via Canala, before you arrive in Radicosa, follow a farm road to the right. This farm road will take you to a city park (at 720 meters altitude), which ends with a terrific view over the plain below. There is also a Roman era road in the park.

Map reference (click on pin to see Lat/Long):

41.4642 13.9566 San Vittore del Lazio (City Center- closest address)

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