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The site includes one memorial remembering a special relationship that the town has with the 10th Mountain Division.


Via Statale Mammianese, (SP 633) 51020 Prunetta (PT) , Prunetta- San Marcello Piteglio , Pistoia , Toscana , Italy

The site is in a small park in the village of Prunetta, which is a frazione (neighborhood) of San Marcello Piteglio. Prunetta is a village at 958m altitude in the Apennines mountains of Tuscany. 15 kilometers south of San Marcello and 20 kilometers northeast of Pistoia. The small park is located on the south side of the village.

Map reference (click on pin to see Lat/Long):

44.004568 10.805537 Via Statale Mammianese, (SP 633) 51020 Prunetta (PT)

Flag Poles :