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Curio- Monte Gheggio

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The site includes one memorial dedicated to the memory of a crewmember of a B-25 who died at this location in March 1945.


Monte Gheggio, Lapide Commemorative (Stele) Charles Callaway , 6986 , Curio , , , Switzerland

The site is located on Monte Gheggio in the town of Curio, Switzerland. Curio is a municipality in the district of Lugano in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. Curio is found in the Malcantone valley on the southern slope of Mount Gheggio. The site is on a trail known as the Sentiero della Pace (Path of Peace) and is found by following the blue parachutes along the trail. Trailhead is located in the next town of Novaggio near the church (Oratorio di Santa Maria del Carmelo, Via Bedéa 1, 6986 Novaggio, Switzerland). Site is remote.

Map reference (click on pin to see Lat/Long):

46.004883 8.865208 Monte Gheggio, Lapide Commemorative (Stele) Charles Callaway

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