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Warsaw – Old Zoliborz

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The site includes one memorial remembering the Polish-Americans who fought with the Blue Army (Haller’s Army) in World War 1 in France and during Polish - Soviet War 1919-1920.


56 aleja Wojska Polskiego, , 01-504 , Warsaw , , , Poland

The site is located in Old Żoliborz (Stary Żoliborz) section of the city of Warsaw (Warszava), the Capitol of Poland. The site is known as the Pomnik Czynu Zbrojnego Polonii Amerykańskiej and is located the center of a street intersection across the street from a large park.

Map reference (click on pin to see Lat/Long):

52.263416 20.982272 56 aleja Wojska Polskiego,

Flag Poles :