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At the very end of the zoo, near the furthest toilets and picnic area, next to the Vicuna enclosure. Monument A concrete pillar with unit insignia on the side and a dark stone plaque on the ground in front of it commemorate an American B-17 crew that lost their bearings in heavy fog and crashed into the adjacent hill. 

Monument Text:

Dedicated to the memory of ten American airmen who tragically lost their lives near this site on 1st June 1944.

F/O Lester B. Brooks              Pilot                             Ohio

F/O Jeremiah C. Murphy        Pilot                             New York

2LT Joseph V. Nobilione        Navigator                    New York

F/O Leighton B. McKenzie    Bomber                       California       

SSGT Lawrence E. Dundon   Radio Operator           Kentucky

SSGT Wilbur D. Brewer         Gunner                        Illinois

SGT Robert L. Graves, Jr.      Gunner                                    Arkansas

SSGT Edward E. McGill        Gunner                                    Tennessee

SGT Howard A. Hibbler        Gunner                                    Kansas

CPL Lawrence R. McCrane   Gunner                                    New York

While awaiting clearance to land their B-17G Bomber at Nutts Corner airfield after a transatlantic flight, the crew lost their bearings in heavy fog and came down on the side of Cavehill.  Despite brave efforts by local people and emergency services, all ten men died at the site.