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Angels of Bataan and Corregidor – Army & Navy Nurse Memorial

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The monument is next to a flagpole on the west side of the memorial circle.


An inscribed upright piece of marble about 7 feet tall.


The monument remembers the Army, Navy and Philippine nurses who served in the Philippines during the campaign of 1941-42.  The nurses, originally assigned to their bases in the Philippines during peace, were thrust into battle on Bataan and finally on the island holdout of Corregidor.  For many, when General Wainwright surrender Allied forces to the Japanese, the nurses became POWs along with the soldiers.  The nurses continued to serve as nurses in various POW camps until their liberation in 1945.



On August 20, 2001, Major Maude C. Davison, the senior nurse in the Philippines (And World War 1 Veteran) was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Medal by the US Army in honor of her dedication to keeping her nurses living and working as US Army nurses even during the most brutal periods of captivity; she is attributed with saving their lives.


The Survivors of the Bataan Death March erected the monument in 2000 to remember these heroes – the Angels of Bataan and Corregidor.




Monument Text:

The text on the marker is written in English and reads:


To the Angels


U.S. Army Nurse Corps – U.S. Navy Nurse Corps


In honor of the valiant American military women who gave so much of themselves in the early days of World War II, they provided care and comfort to the gallant defenders of Bataan and Corregidor, they lived on a starvation diet, shared the bombing, strafing, sniping, sickness and disease while working endless hours of heartbreaking duty, these nurses always had a smile, a tender touch and a kind word for their patients, they truly earned the name:



Dedicated on this 6th Day of May 2000



Capt Maude Davison Jackson - 2nd Lt Adelle F. Forman - 2nd Lt Mollie Petersen Ruf

1st Lt Florence McDonald - 2nd Lt Eleanor M. Garen - 2nd Lt Buelah Putman Robinson

1st Lt Gladys Mealor Giles - 2nd Lt Helen Gardener Rozmus - 2nd Lt Juanita Redmond Hipps

1st Lt Clara Mueller Fensch - 2nd Lt Leona Gastinger Sutphin - 2nd Lt Rose Rieper Meier

1st Lt Josephine Nesbut Davis - 2nd Lt Marcia L. Gates - 2nd Lt Mary J. Reppak

1st Lt Eleanor E. O’Neill - 2nd Lt Nancy Gillahan Baker - 2nd Lt Dorothy Scholl Arnold

1st Lt Edith Shacklette Haynes - 2ndLt Peggy Greenwalt Walcher - 2nd Lt Mabel Stevens Fithian

2nd Lt Nina A. Aasen - 2nd Lt Alfie Hann Powers - 2nd Lt Ruth M. Straub

2nd Lt Catherine Acorn - 2nd Lt Grace Hallman Matassarin - 2nd Lt Ruth M. Straub

2nd Lt Earleen Allen Francis - 2nd Lt Eunice C. Hatchitt - 2nd Lt Helen Summers Campbell

2nd Lt Lourse Anschicks Prudhomme - 2nd Lt Verna Wenson Hively - 2nd Lt Ethel Thor Nelson

2nd Lt Phyllis Arnold Macobuggi 2nd Lt Hellen M. Hennessy - 2nd Lt Madeline M. Ullom

2nd Lt Agnes D. Barre - 2nd Lt Gwendolyn Henshaw Keiss - 2nd Lt Beth Veley

2nd Lt Clara Bickford Bilello - 2nd Lt Rosemary Hogan - 2nd Lt Evelyn Whitlow Greenfield

2nd Lt Earlyn Black Harding - 2nd Lt Willa Hook Suess - 2nd Lt Anne Williams Clark

2nd Lt Blade Millett - 2nd Lt Ressa Jenkins Curry - 2nd Lt Lucy Wilson Jopling

2nd Lt Ruby B. Bradley - 2nd Lt Geneva Jenskin - 2nd Lt Edith Wimberly Patient

2nd Lt Kattie R. Brantley - 2nd Lt Doris A. Kembe - 2nd Lt Anne B. Wurtz

2nd Lt Minnie Breeze Stubbs - 2nd Lt Imogene Kennedy Schmidt - 2nd Lt Eunice F. Young

2nd Lt Mary Brown Menzies - 2nd Lt Blanche Kimball - 2nd Lt Alice Zwicker McAlevey

2nd Lt Myrna V. Burris - 2nd Lt Eleanor O. Lee - 2nd Lt Ruby Motley Armbrust

2nd Lt Beatrice E. Chambers - 2nd Lt Harriett G. Lee - 2nd Lt Vivian Shriver Thompson

2nd Lt Helen Cassiani Nestor - 2nd Lt Frankie Lewey Jerrett - 2nd Lt Brunetta Kuewlthan Gillet

2nd Lt Edith Corns Lloyd - 2nd Lt Mary G. Lohr - Ltjg. Laura M. Cobb

2nd Lt Dorothea Balley Engel - 2nd Lt Dorothy Ludow McCann - Ensign Ann A. Bernatitus

2nd Lt Mildred Dalton Manning - 2nd Lt Winifred P. Madden - Ensign Mary Chapman Hayes

2nd Lt Mande Denson Williams - 2nd Lt Inez McDonald Moor - Ensign Bertha Evans St.Pierre

2nd Lt Katherine Dollason Hannigan - 2nd Lt Letha McHale Albrecht - Ensign Helen Gerlanski Hunter

2nd Lt Susan Downing Callacher - 2nd Lt Hortense E. McKay - Ensign Marry Harrington

2nd Lt Sallie Durret Farmer - 2nd Lt Adolpha M. Meyer - Ensign Margaret Nash

2nd Lt Bertha Dworsky Henderson - 2nd Lt Mary L. Moultrie - Ensign Goldie O’Haver Merrill

2nd Lt Dorcas Easerling Kelley - 2nd Lt Frances Nash Dumas - Ensign Elden E. Paige

2nd Lt Magdalena Eckmann Hewlett - 2nd Lt Mary Jo Oberst - Ensign Susie Pitcher

2nd Lt Eula Fails Borneman - 2nd Lt Rita Palmer James - Ensign Dorothy Still Terrell

2nd Lt Floramund Fullmeth Difford - Ensign Edwina Todd


We acknowledge with deep appreciation the twenty Philippine nurses who assisted their American friends in both hospitals of Bataan and Corregidor. Theirs was a job well done. They were a credit to the United States and the Republic of the Philippines