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Trailblazer Marker

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In the small park, right next to the street, directly by the crosswalk to the Espace Victor Hugo Marker A rough white marble stone bearing a polished grey granite plaque with French text engraved in gold leaf.  The 70th Division Insignia is carved into the marble and painted. 

Monument Text:

Gorsbliederstroff a ses liberateurs americains "The Trailblazers"

En hommage aux soldats de la 70th Div US tombes pour la liberation de Grosbleiderstroff le 6 et 18 fevrier 1945

ENGLISH TRANSLATION:  Grosbliederstroff to its American liberators, the Trailblazers
In honor of the soldiers of the US 70th Divison who fell during the liberation of Grosbliederstroff on 6 and 18 February 1945



70th Division

United States Army



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