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Upottery Airfield US Armed Forces Plaque

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On the right wall outside.


A rectangular metal plaque inscribed with the regiments and the names of the men who left Upottery (Smeatharpe) airfield on the 5th and 7th of June 1944 and died in transit from the base to France. On the corners of the tables are units and group insignias printed in colors. 

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Monument Text:

Upottery Airfield


USAAF Station 462


Just after midnight on the 5th of June 1944 : 81 C-47 unarmed transport aircraft departed from this airfield

carrying 1357 Paratroops who were to be dropped behind enemy lines near the coast of France on D-Day


At dawn on the morning of 7th June 1944: 50 C-47 aircraft towing 30 Horsa gliders and 20 Waco gliders

departed for France carrying 968 Glider Infantry troops in the second airborne wave of the Invasion

Here in honoured memory are those killed in transit on those two missions





439th Troop Carrier Group USAAF


91st Squadron C-47 42-93095


1st Lt

Harold A. Capelutto


2nd Lt

John J. Fanelli


2nd Lt

Bernard Friedman



Norman E. Thompson



Albert R. Tillotson Jr




C-47 42-100819


2nd Lt

Marston F. Sargent



Steve C. Baran



Melvin B. Shullanberger



Walter F. Gendron



93rd Squadron C-47 42-100876


2nd Lt Marvin F. Muir

2nd Lt Kenneth C. Bell

S/Sgt Clifford L. Burgess


2nd Lt John A. Marisay

Sgt Philip Snyder



2nd Lt Marvin F. Muir was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for holding his burning aircraft under control until the paratroopers aboard could exit, sacrificing himself and his crew


June 7th 1944


(-Air Force G Wing -Basic badge-)



93rd Squadron

F/O Robert W. Smith

F/O Robert H. Weiss


94th Squadron

F/O Vincent J. Rembles



The 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment 101st Abn Div US Army


1st Lt Thomas Meehan III

Sgt Carl N. Riggs

Pvt George L. Elliott


1st Sgt William S. Evans

T/5 Herman F. Collins

Pvt William T. McGonigal Jr


S/ Sgt Murray B. Roberts

T/5 Ralph H. Wimer

Pvt John N. Miller


Sgt Elmer L. Murray Jr

Pfc Sergio G. Moya

Pvt Elmer L Telstad

Pvt Jerry A. Wentzel

Sgt Richard E. Owen

Pfc Gerald R. Snider

Pvt Ernest I. Oats

Pvt Thomas W. Warren





1st Lt Kenneth A. Beatty

T/5 John D. Hall

Pfc Frederick J. Feneran

Pvt Salvatore M. Leferrera

Sgt Roy H. Speake

Pfc Colin Campbell

Pfc Robert J. Hensel

Pvt Luther F. Morrison

Cpl Eugene E. Middleton

Pfc Robert M. Naimoli

Pvt Augustine Gonzales

Pvt Hugh F. Williams

T/5 John L Davis 

Pfc Jay E. Cheel 

Pvt James D. King 

Pvt Benjamin F. Winn 



The 325th Glider Infantry Regiment 82nd Abn Div US Army


2nd Lt Guy W. Gowen

Pfc Fred Bates

Pfc Martin B. Murphy


2nd Lt Andrew Stepich

Pfc Charles C. Bratcher

Pfc Thomas H. Roberts


S/ Sgt Joe Di Ciuccio

Pfc Irvin N. Frankart

Pvt Edger J. Ashenfelter

Pvt Joseph B. Helms

Sgt Alfred H. King

Pfc Francis J. Higdon

Pvt John N. Bruno

Pvt Glen E. Matthews

Cpl Edmund J. Greenwood

Pfc Glenn Lego

Pvt John D. Garbin

Pvt Thomas C. Mirelez



Funded by voluntary contributions during events on the 60th Anniversary of D-Day June 6th - 12th 2004


Arranged by the South West Airfields Trust aided by the local community and their organisations