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505th Parachute Infantry Regiment Plaque

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This memorial is located approximately 1.5 meters off of the road, on the south side of the large tree at the site. Plaque This bronze plaque is mounted on a short gray stone and mortar base. At the center of the plaque, an embossed representation of a military identification tag features the names and serial numbers of the soldiers of Company I of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment who were killed during the fight for the town of Fosse during the Bulge of the Bulge. 

The battle for Fosse began on the snow and sleet covered morning of January 3, 1945. As soldiers of Company I approached the town, German machine guns and artillery opened up, inflicting initial heavy losses. The unit regrouped in one of the small valleys around the center of town and, with the assistance of armored reinforcements, were able to capture the town and move eastward in the direction of the Salm River.

Monument Text:

"May Their Sacrifice
Not Have Been In Vain

Cpt. McPHEETERS, Archibald A. 0391824
2 Lt. DEGENHARDT,  Richard H. 01322899
Sgt. REYNOLDS, William F. 34122149
Cpl. HALLAHAN, William A. Jr. 11050641
Pfc. BROWN, James W. 35638846
Pfc. CAVALLARO, Nick A. 15114204
Pfc. CUTLER, Richard W. 15101860
Pfc. HARRIS, Oscar C. 18075652
Pfc. INTRIERI, Emilio 31272183
Pfc. KOSSOW, Arthur B. 20414552
Pvt. DIGIRAlMO, Louis 20226626
Pvt. KROPIS, Anthony 31368699
Pvt. STARK, Ralph D. 38399335

3 Jan. 1945 - Attack On Fosse By Company-I
Of The 505th Parachute Infantry
Regiment - 82nd Airborne Division"