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Berlin Airlift Memorial (Luftbrückendenkmal)

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The monument is located at the eastern edge of the small park that occupies Platz der Luftbrücke, directly across the street from the former Tempelhof airport. The monument is separated from the grass by a stone surface.  Monument This gray concrete monument, called the Luftbrückendenkmal, rests on a black stone base that is encircled with a metal band that lists the name of the aviators and service members who dies during the Berlin Airlift. This metal part of the monument has oxidized and turned green. The base of the monument is surrounded by a flower garden. The monument itself is a large curved structure that features three "claws" (on the left and right sides as in the middle), which represent the flight patterns that the U.S., U.K., and France, followed during the operation. The monument has been nicknamed the "Hunger Rake" or "Hungerharke" by Berliners. The monument was dedicated in 1951 and was designed by Eduard Ludwig. 

Monument Text:

  Sie Gaben Ihr Fur Die Freiheit Berlins Im Dienste Der Luftbrücke 1948/49


Capt. W.R. Howard  Capt. W.A. Rathgeber  Sgt. B.J. Watkins  Cpl. N.H. Thies  1stLt. R.H. Boyd  1stLt. R.M. Wurgel  1stLt. W.F. Hargis  Capt. B.E. Phelps  T/Sgt. L.C. Wells  AD/3 H.R. Crites Jr.  1stLt. L.A. Wheaton Jr.  1stLt. R.P. Weaver  1stLt. C.B. Ladd  1stLt. E.S. Erickson  T/Sgt. C.L. Putnam  1stLt. R.C. Stephens  1stLt. L.V. Williams  Capt. J.M. de Valentine  Maj. E.C. Diltz  Pfc. R.E. Stone  Sgt. R. Winter  Cpl. G.S. Burns  1stLt. C.H. King  1stLt. W.T. Lucas  1stLt. G.B. Smith  1stLt. R.W. Stuber  Capt. J.A. Vaughn  Civ. C.H. Hagen  Pfc. J.T. Orms  1stLt. R.C. von Luehrte  2ndLt. D.J. Leemon  T/Sgt. H.F. Heinig  Sold. R.C. Marks  F/Lt. H.W. Thompson  M.C. D.F.C. Nav. II. L.E.H. Gilbert  Sig. II. S.M.L. Towersey  Eng. II. D.W. Watson  Pi. I. F.I. Trezona  F/Lt. J.G. Wilkins  Sig. III. B.A. Lough  Sgt. C. Dowling  Nav/O. A.J. Burton  F/Eng. K.A. Seaborn  Capt. W. Cusack  C. Taylor Rad/O D.W. Robertson  N/O M.E. Casey  Capt. G. Utting  Eng. T. Supernatt  Eng. D.I Griffin  Eng. E. O’Neal  Sig. II. J.D. Grout  Capt. R.J. Freight  Sgt. J. Toal F/Lt. M.J. Quinn  N/O. J.R.L. Sharpe  Eng/O. H. Paterson  Capt. P.C. Goulding  1stO. H.T. Newman  Rad/O. D.J. Edwards  Capt. R.M.W. Heath  F/O. K.A. Reeves  Mas. Sig. A. Penny  Capt. W.R.O. Lewis  Nav/O. E.L. Carroll  AD/O. E.G. Wood  F/Eng. J. Anderson  F/O. I.R. Donaldson  Nav. II. W.G. Page  Sig. II. A. Dunsire  Eng. II. R.R. Gibbs  F/Lt. G. Kell W. Duhring  H. Fielder  K. Schlinsog H. Schwarz  K. Zulsdorf

English Translation:

They Gave Their Lives For The Freedom Of Berlin During The 1948/49 Airlift